The host with the most.

Cloud hosting is the proven way to manage your CMS (Content Management System). The Signage Depot offers onboarding services to get you started with cloud-hosted solutions that are easy, reliable, and affordable. We work with many of the major CMS providers: BrightSign, Scala, Samsung MagicInfo, MediaSignage, Google, CapitalNetworks, SmartAVI, SuperSign, and ParkMedia. If you run it, we support it!.

Less downtime. More security. No worries.

You don't have to bother with up-front payment for licenses, setting up your server, or even maintaining it. The Signage Depot experts will support your cloud-hosted solutions and manage your critical data on the world's leading cloud service providers, including Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. You can even purchase your own CMS at any time and we'll help you bring your network in-house without losing any of your content or customizations.

Best of all, you have two simple ways to pay: one all-inclusive price per player--monthly or annually. No hidden cost, no extra fees, and free software updates and support.


Application of Digital Signage is almost unlimited. It can be used anywhere you have screens and contents that you want to show on the screens.

  •          Digital Signage
  •          Corporate Communications
  •          Retail
  •          Education
  •          Hospitality
  •          Healthcare
  •          Transport
  •          Digital Menu Boards

A large format display can be more than just a vehicle for your company’s messaging. It can be a professional business solution that connects you to a wide variety of content so your messaging is as impactful as possible.

Topics Shared Hosting
Content Manager  
Maximum size of network (in players connected per network) Unlimited
Content backup Yes
Database backup Yes
Hard disk space quota (additional space charged separately) Unlimited* / per display
Bandwidth limit (symmetric upload / download 100 Mbps
Security & Network  
User port connection: Custom
Player port connection: Custom
Custom URL address per network Yes
Custom Player URL address per network Yes
Publish access provided per network (HTTPS/FTP) Yes
30 Day Test-Drive Account Yes