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Samsung UHF-E Series - UH55F-E

  • Captivating UHD video wall facilitated by daisy-chaining through leveraging of Signage Player Box (Tizen 2.4)
  • Slim depth (47.6mm), narrow bezel (5.5mm) and light weight (13.5kg) for simplified installation and disassembly
  • Brightness uniformity and color accuracy with Samsung Color Expert Technology and factory calibration
  • Highly reliable 24/7 operation, with no risk of panel darkening thanks to its distinguished panel quality

Samsung UED Series - UE46D

  • Slim and sleek design for simple-to-create video walls in a variety of unique configurations
  • Narrow, lightweight displays employing LED BLU technology, with an embedded media player
  • PC-less video wall display operation with built-in Wi-Fi and a mobile application
  • Improved color consistency and content visibility with superb calibration and ultra clear panel technology

Samsung UDB Series - UD22B

  • The world’s first square LCD video wall display with super-narrow bezel (5.5mm)
  • High-impact images with Samsung Direct LED BLU (backlight unit) technology
  • Smart Scheduling, RJ45 and RS-232C MDC (Multiple Display Control)
  • Enhanced usability with optional wall mount kit, PC module and MagicInfo software