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Samsung QMN Series - QM43N QM49N QM55N QM65N QM75N

Compelling UHD picture quality, extensive connectivity and ongoing 24/7 performance

  • Revitalize customer engagement in retail and transportation settings
  • Elevate content quality through a unique combination of picture-enhancing features
  • Facilitate secure, PC-free meetings through rigid three-layer protection

Samsung QHH Series - QH55H QH65H

QLED Signage that delivers exceptional picture quality through quantum dot composition

  • Accurate true-to-life color, with one billion different variations available
  • Enhanced graphic performance and content security within a powerful Tizen 3.0 OS
  • Uninterrupted operations without any risk of distracting burn-in or color variation
  • Flexible portrait / landscape configurations and a bezel-free design

Samsung QMH Series - QM49H QM55H QM65H

UHD Signage that features ultra-realistic picture quality and business-ready functionalities

  • UHD displays with non-glare panel that offers hyper-realistic, immersive visual experience
  • Integrated TIZEN 3.0 operating system that improves overall business performance
  • Dust-resistant design that ensures continuous, 24/7 performance in any location

Samsung UHF5 Series - UH46F5

  • Captivating UHD video wall facilitated by daisy-chaining through leveraging of Signage Player Box (Tizen 2.4)
  • Slim depth (47.6mm), narrow bezel (5.5mm) and light weight (13.5kg) for simplified installation and disassembly
  • Brightness uniformity and color accuracy with Samsung Color Expert Technology and factory calibration
  • Highly reliable 24/7 operation, with no risk of panel darkening thanks to its distinguished panel quality

Samsung DBE-T Series - DB10E-T

  • 10.1-inch displays that provide tablet convenience in professional-grade devices
  • Interactive touchscreen functionality that heighten customer engagement
  • All-in-one solution featuring embedded MagicInfo Player S3 and built-in Wifi