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NovaStar Deconcentrator

NovaStar Deconcentrator DIS-300

Production function:  Divide 1 into 8 or divide 2 into 4 A/B Ports

Power supply mode: 220V 

Samsung LFD HDBaseT Receiver

Samsung's PIM-HDBT LFD HDBaseT plug-in receiver helps to make LFD installations significantly simpler and less costly.

  • HD Base-T Receiver PIM Module for PE'C/LE'C/MD65/ED65C/ED75C/ME95C Models

BrightSign Series 3 WiFi/Bluetooth Module

Implements wireless and Bluetooth functions as an embedded module installed inside of a BrightSign Series 3 player. It has an M.2 interface connection, supports 802.11a/b/g/n protocols, has a single antenna, and is compatible with all Series 3 players.

BrightSign Remote Control

SoundBridge IR Remote Control compatible with BrightSign but also requires a customer supplied USB IR adapter.

Novastar MRV300 Receiving Card

LED Display Receiving Card MRV300

● Product type: General led display receiving card of displays
● Pixels supported: 256X226
● RGB data: 20 group
● Connected monitoring cards: Not support
● Lamp panel Flash: Support
● Integrated HUB: None
● Support pixel level brightness and chromaticity calibration
● Provide cabinet's temperature, voltage and working condition
● Obtai certifications of EMC, CE and RoHS